Introduction to the Asian board game Go Markus Bläser, Cedric Holle, Julius Kilger, Vincent Preiß




The points of the first Minitest should be fixed. If there are any mistakes, please send me a mail. 

There will be no Minitest this week. Therefore the next Minitest will be at 06.06.


visibility points

We have some issues with the visibility of the points of the Minitests. We are working on them.


Second mini-test

The second mini-test will be on Thu, May 9.


First mini-test

The first mini-test will be on Thu, April 25. We expect you to answer simple questions about facts that you have learnt during the first two lectures, like counting the liberty of a group, telling whether a stone can be captured etc.


Introduction to the Asian board game Go

(Back with credit points on popular demand...)


The Asian Board Game Go is the new frontier of AI programming, see for instance here. Unlike Chess, the previous frontier, Go is rather unknown in Europe. In this course you will learn the rules of the game Go and the important strategic principles. If you are already familiar with the game, feel free to attend the lecture and just play.


(This course is mainly about learning to *play* Go , but neither about artificial intelligence nor about how to program a Go engine.)


Time and Date:
  • Thursdays, 16:15 to 18:00
  • E1.3, lecture hall 002 and seminar rooms 015/016
  • First lecture: Thursday, April 11.

You can get 3 free credit points. There will be short mini-tests every week. You need to obtain 50% of the total number of points in these tests to obtain the credit points.

If you just want to learn how to play, just drop by whenever it is convenient for you.



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